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The HVAC smart solution for your business

What is RentClima5?

Rentclima 5 is a financial solution based on an industrial renting.

Easily acquire HVAC systems for your business.

Simplify and optimize your professional HVAC needs

Business centers


Shopping malls

How does it work?

If your business meets specific requirements, we will carry out a personalized study of the real savings considering all the variables affected: opportunity cost, investment, taxes, energy …

Free of charge and without obligation.



⦁ Improvement of balance sheet ratios and cash flows optimization.

⦁ Commit those resources to productive activities.

⦁ No restriction on productive debt capacity or your company’s credit capacity as it is not listed in CIRBE.


⦁ Don’t worry about breakdowns and preventive and corrective procedures of the equipment.

⦁ Efficiency and energy savings through the periodic renewal of state-of-the-art equipment.


⦁ Supported by leading European financial institutions.

⦁ 5-year planning of HVAC expenditures. No surprises by varying the investment.

How much does it cost?

A fixed monthly fee for less than you can imagine.


Your business will always be at the forefront of technology

If you want more information please, contact us and we will evaluate your case:

    Rent clima 5 is a new system conceived by AAISA, to facilitate the implementation of HVAC systems for all kind of businesses.

    Aaisa has been conceiving, designing and executing professional HVAC, Electrical and fire protection projects for more than two decades.

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